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Setting Up a MakerSpace

So you are interested in setting up a makerspace?! Congratulations on taking the first step by doing some research. If a makerspace is properly set up and introduced, it can be a great tool for igniting student imagination and curiosity as well as building classroom community. Unfortunately, if the makerspace has not been set up with the students in mind, it will not be the student-centered and student-driven space it needs to be.

How to Organize a Winter Games STEM Competition in Your Classroom

The Winter Games begin next month and the learning opportunities for students are endless! One activity that is sure to ENGAGE is hosting a STEM Winter Games competition in your classroom.

To begin students will need to be placed into groups of 2 or 3. Assign each group a country participating in the Winter Games or let students choose their own country. Have students research their country and present their findings to the class.

Spring STEM: Egg Drop Challenge

Spring has finally arrived! One of my favorite things about spring is the return of warmer weather which as teachers we all know what that means...the return of outdoor recess! I am doing a little  happy dance in my head just thinking about it.

The warmer weather also provides opportunities to get outside with your students for some hands-on learning experiences.

 Why not take advantage of the warmer weather by having your class complete a spring themed STEM challenge?!

March Madness STEM Challenges

March has finally arrived and in just one short week selection Sunday will be upon us and the madness will begin. Unfortunately, the madness that I am referring to does not just apply to basketball. 

After being cooped up inside during the winter months, the warmer weather seems to trigger some kind of alarm that tends to set students off.  Students in the upper grades are also on edge due to standardized testing.

Why not give your students a break and allow them to embrace the madness? Allow students to use their creativity and problem solving skills with these March Madness inspired STEM ideas!

March STEM: Three St. Patrick's Day Themed Challenges

March is just around the corner and for some teachers it may have you excited as you look forward to Spring Break! On the other hand, if you teach in the upper grades, as I do, March may bring on all kinds of nervous anticipation as you look forward to preparing for state testing.

No matter which boat you are in as an educator be sure to take some time to encourage your students to create and explore this month. As a teacher I have found that the best way to do this is through STEM! The following are some ideas to help get you started.