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The First 3 Coding Lessons You Need to Teach Kids

The biggest barrier to teaching coding is the misconception that it is another skill that needs to be taught.

In reality, coding is simply a tool that can be leveraged to teach standards in a more powerful, creative, and connected way!

Students shouldn’t be just learning to code, instead they should be using coding to learn!

Make a Valentine's Day Paper Circuit Card

Teach circuits in an engaging way by having students create a Valentine’s Day card that lights up!

Students learn the difference between an open and closed circuit. They also learn how a switch can be used to alternate between an open and closed circuit.

Students will have so much fun they won’t even realize how much they are learning!

Hidden Figures STEM and Coding Activities

Are your finding time to teach social studies?

Finding time for social studies was a struggle for me when I was in the classroom. As a teacher in a testing grade, I felt the pressure to spend the majority of my instructional minutes on math and language arts topics.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Fortunately, I found a way to integrate social studies with my math and language arts lessons through STEM!

Teach about Black History Month and Women’s History Month with STEM activities that incorporate, reading, writing, math, and making!