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5 Recycling STEM Challenges

Looking for fun, hands-on activities to teach about recycling? Challenge students to repurpose recyclables into usable materials! These types of STEM challenges teach students about taking care of the planet while encouraging creative problem solving.

These 5 STEM Challenges are engaging, educational, and the perfect addition to any recycling or Earth Day unit! 

April STEM Activities

April is the perfect time to add some hands-on STEM fun to your classroom curriculum. The following activities are some of my favorite Earth Day and spring inspired STEM activities that are sure to get students engaged!

Jelly Bean Bottle Flipping STEM Activity

Have you seen the water bottle flipping sensation buzzing around the internet?

It has even made its way into our schools and students have picked up the habit. As a third grade teacher I have noticed my students flipping their milk cartons at lunch and breakfast, and it drives me CRAZY!

However, as the old saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" That is why I have decided to turn this obsession into a learning opportunity by creating...Jelly Bean Bottle Flipping STEM!

Spring STEM: Egg Drop Challenge

Spring has finally arrived! One of my favorite things about spring is the return of warmer weather which as teachers we all know what that means...the return of outdoor recess! I am doing a little  happy dance in my head just thinking about it.

The warmer weather also provides opportunities to get outside with your students for some hands-on learning experiences.

 Why not take advantage of the warmer weather by having your class complete a spring themed STEM challenge?!