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Mother's Day STEM and Writing Activities

Mother's Day has definitely taken on a whole new meaning for Adam and I over the past couple years with the arrival of our daughter who will be two this month. We are also expecting a baby boy in September. 

As I started brainstorming educational and fun gift ideas students could make for Mother's Day, I began by thinking of what I would like to receive. This led me to the idea of...BATH BOMBS!

How to Use Fidget Spinners in the Classroom

By now I'm sure the fidget spinner craze has made it's way to your classroom. Perhaps you are enjoying your summer break right now hoping to not come in contact with another spinner EVER or at least not until school starts up again.

However, if your are like me, you have been looking for as many ways as possible to turn these fidget spinners into motivating learning activities. Here are just a few of the activities my students completed this school year with fidget spinners.