How to Catch a Turkey STEM Activity

How to Catch a Turkey STEM Activity

Want to know the secret to navigating that challenging transition between Halloween and Christmas!?

One of our favorite ways to increase student engagement is with STEM, and one of our favorite STEM activities is building a turkey trap. Follow these step-by-step instructions to engage your students in this real-world STEM challenge!


Material List:

  • 12 inches of masking tape

  • 5 pipe cleaners

  • 1 yd of string

  • cardboard

  • scissors

  • How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace (optional)

Divide students into groups of 3-4. Explain to students the following scenario:

Your family forgot to get a turkey for Thanksgiving and the stores are all sold out! In order to get a turkey for your Thanksgiving feast, you are going to have to design and build a turkey trap to catch a turkey.

Allow students time to plan out their designs individually and as a team. Give students approximately 30 minutes to build their turkey traps.

Sit back and watch as students engage in real-world problem solving! At the end of the activity, be sure to have students describe and demonstrate how their trap works.

This activity is always a huge hit with students during the Thanksgiving season! For more information, in depth teacher instructions, student handouts, a STEM journal, and student planning and reflection pages, view the full resource HERE.

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