The Best Apple STEM Challenges and Science Experiments

The Best Apple STEM Challenges and Science Experiments

This fall don’t just teach the standards. Engage students in hands-on STEM challenges and real-world science experiments with apples!

Spice up your lesson plans with these top 4 apple science activities!

Apple Tower STEM Challenge

1.) Apple Tower STEM Challenge

With this challenge students must design a tower that can support the weight of an apple. To build their apple tower students can use straws, tape, and scissors.

Challenge students to see how tall they can build their tower!

Apple Basket STEM Challenge

2.) Apple Basket STEM Challenge

For the apple basket STEM challenge students must build a basket that can hold the most apples without breaking.

To build their basket students can use a paper plate, straws, pipe cleaners, tape, and a hole punch.

Apple Oxidation Experiment (Why do apples turn brown?)

3.) Apple Oxidation Experiment

Why do apples turn brown?

For this experiment students learn about chemical changes as they observe apple oxidation. Students test different items such as water, oil, soda, vinegar, and lemon juice to see what is the best at preventing the apples from turning brown.

Making Applesauce Chemical Change and Irreversible Change Science Experiment

4.) The Science of Applesauce

In addition to the apple oxidation experiment students can observe another chemical change by making applesauce.

Teach students about reversible and irreversible changes. Then have them observe and compare the properties of cooked and uncooked apples.

Students will love this edible experiment and you will love how it integrates math, science, and writing all in one lesson!

Apple STEM Challenges and Apple Science Experiments Bundle

Are you ready to engage students in apple science, math, and writing activities this fall?

We have prepared teacher instructions with full lesson plans and student journals to make these activities easy to implement in your classroom! Grab the bundle of apple STEM challenges and science experiments HERE!

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