Making Slime in the Classroom Tips and Tricks

Making Slime in the Classroom Tips and Tricks is a sticky, squishy, messy substance, and kids love it!

I have to admit that I was that teacher that tended to avoid "messy learning" in the classroom. Fortunately, over the years, I learned to embrace some mess and craziness for the sake of student engagement and learning. 

With the following tips and tricks you can engage students in learning about states of matter with slime while limiting the mess.   

To begin this experiment you will need one bottle of Elmer's Glue per student, baking soda, contact solution, plastic spoons, plastic cups, plastic baggies, and measuring spoons. To make for an easy clean up you may want to cover the surface where students are working with a plastic table cloth. 

First have students pour one 5 ounce bottle of glue into the plastic cup. You can use regular white glue or glue that has already been colored. Have students observe what state of matter the glue is and describe it using adjectives.

Then add 1.5 Tbs of baking soda to the glue. Mix the baking soda with the glue. If you are using white glue and you wish for your slime to be colored add a couple drops of food coloring and mix until you achieve your desired color.

Next add 3 Tbs of contact solution to the glue mixture and stir. Have students observe what changes occur to the mixture once the contact solution is added. What state of matter do they observe? Students should take note that the liquid glue mixture has changed to solid slime.

Add more contact solution as needed to make the slime less sticky. Have students move the slime from the plastic cup to a plastic baggie. 

If you are interested in making slime in your classroom, you can find more detailed instructions and photos as well as a slime STEM journal, states of matter recording sheets, and writing extensions in our Slime STEM activity pack.

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