5 Reasons to Use Boom Cards™ in Your Classroom

5 Reasons to Use Boom Cards™ in Your Classroom

Have you ever discovered something new and thought to yourself , "Where have you been all my life?!?" This was my exact thought when I first found out about digital Boom Cards™ created by Boom Learning™

I'm sure you have probably heard about task cards, and you may even use them in your classroom. Well, Boom Cards™ are a time-saving, digital version of task cards. If you are not already using Boom Cards™ in your classroom here are 5 reasons why you should be!

1. Self-Grading

Students love task cards! However, after students complete that task card scavenger hunt you know there will be 15-30 recording sheets to grade with 20-30 responses each. Ain't no teacher got time for that! With Boom Cards™ all of that grading is done for you on the Boom Learning™ digital platform.

2. Immediate Feedback

Besides saving teachers time, another great feature of Boom Cards™ is the immediate feedback for both teachers and students. With task cards students could complete an entire set wrong and have no idea, but with Boom Cards™ students receive immediate feedback after each question. Teachers also receive that feedback and are able to use it to inform future instruction. 

3. Engaging

The Boom Learning™ platform is engaging to students! Students today are so used to video games and using technology. Using Boom Cards™ is a great low prep way to gamify learning and engage students. 

4. Integrate Technology

The use of technology in classrooms is becoming more and more common practice. Whether your classroom is in a 1-to-1 school, or you have limited technology, you can still find many uses for Boom Cards™.

5. Assessment

Another great feature of Boom Cards is that they provide teachers with a quick and easy assessment tool. No matter what you are learning about there is a Boom Deck you can use to assess student learning. You can find a variety of our Boom Decks in our Teachers Pay Teachers store or in our Boom Learning Store.

Sign up for a Boom account today and take your task cards to the next level!

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