Yes, You CAN Teach Growth Mindset in October!

Yes, You CAN Teach Growth Mindset in October!

Growth Mindset is a huge trend in teaching, but I get it, it’s hard to add one more thing to your instruction. However, you CAN integrate growth mindset in your classroom.

Teaching growth mindset is a best practice. Research has proven its many benefits. Teaching and learning growth mindset is a process. This process may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it for our students!

The following are 3 simple and easy ways to make growth mindset instruction work during the month of October!

1.) Prioritize and Set Goals

Growth mindset is a process and part of that process is setting goals. You may already have students set goals in the classroom. If not, have students identify an area of fixed mindset in their learning this month and set a goal for improvement.

The best strategy we have found to help students write quality goals is SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. Research has shown that these are the factors that attribute to a quality goal.  Since teaching students to set goals can be difficult we have simplified the process by creating a growth mindset SMART goals flip book.

2.) Integrate Growth Mindset into the Curriculum

One strategy for “fitting it all in” when it comes to classroom instruction is to integrate subject areas. Our favorite way to combine subjects is through STEM instruction, and one of our favorite October STEM challenges is to have students build a container that can hold the most pumpkin candy using only a piece of paper and tape. Find the activity HERE.

With this activity you can teach science, engineering, and math at the same time as students work on skills such as building, estimating, capacity, and growth mindset.

3.) Make Reflection a Classroom Norm

Another huge aspect of growth mindset is allowing students to reflect and improve. Again, you may already have time for reflection built into your classroom routine, but if not, consider trying it out this month.

One of our favorite ways to teach students about reflection is through growth mindset STEAM directed drawings. During these activities students practice drawing an object multiple times using a variety of supports such as directed drawing instructions or a video tutorial. After completing each drawing students reflect on what they like and what they want to improve before completing their final drawing.

Hopefully you will try out at least one of theses strategies (goal setting, integrating across subject areas, or student reflection) in your classroom this month. If you are looking for fun, low-prep resources to teach growth mindset in October check out our October Growth Mindset BUNDLE. Whether you use our resources or create your own, just remember, you CAN teach growth mindset this month. Your students deserve it!

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