5 Tips for What NOT to Do when Starting a TpT

5 Tips for What NOT to Do when Starting a TpT

In a follow-up to last weeks First Five Blog on what to do, I want to give you 5 tips for what NOT to do when starting a TpT store.

Starting a TpT store is overwhelming. It's easy to make mistakes with all of the misinformation out there. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

1. DON'T Start a Blog Immediately.
Blogs are a waste of time in the beginning. I know, I'm blogging right now. Hypocrisy! 

But for real, you shouldn't blog when you start a TpT. You will waste to much time here. Blogging is only marginally important long-term, and not at all important in the short term.

Don't start a blog as soon as you open a store.

2. NO Pinning Parties or Follower Parties
I get the temptation. You want followers. It looks good. You want pins. It feels like progress. It's not.

Trying to manipulate your numbers on TpT through Pinning Parties and Follower Parties gives you exactly that...manipulated numbers. It doesn't actually improve your business. It's a complete waste of time. 

Creating over time is the best way to get followers. Designing 'pinnable' covers and previews is ultimately what will give you the followers you want. 

3. Don't Start a Facebook Page for Your Store Immediately.
I'm more of a downer on Facebook than most. It has value with all of the advance targeting you can get and with the massive audience. I just believe more in Pinterest than because on Pinterest people are actually looking for ideas. People get on Facebook for all kinds of strange reasons and are usually are not looking for teaching resources on there.

So don't start a Facebook immediately. You will just be wasting your time that could better be spent making new resources and improving old ones.

4. Don't Create a Mailchimp or Constant Contact Account Immediately.
I hope you are catching on to the theme of this blog by now. It's basically: Don't start a bunch of marketing ideas because you read about it on a blog somewhere and the Top Sellers on TpT do it. 

Top sellers have vast amounts of TpT Products to market. It makes sense that they have email lists. For you, just starting on TpT, it doesn't. You need at least 30-40 good resources to justify having some sort of email list.

5. DON'T Do What Everyone Else is Doing.
This is the hardest, but still the most important. You have a unique voice, a unique teaching style, and some unique ideas that the world should know about. You have the ability to create. You have something worth sharing.

Don't short change yourself by copying what someone else is doing. You don't have to create all of the marketing bells and whistles listed above. You don't have to create the same style of resources. 

BONUS: How do you figure out what you are good at?
You just need to make. The more you make, the better you get at making. The more resources you post on TpT, the more you will be able to figure out what people like. Hint: What you are selling more of is a good indicator of what you are good at.



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