3 Teacher Podcasts You Will Love!

3 Teacher Podcasts You Will Love!

Have you gotten on the podcast bandwagon yet? There are podcasts for everything from business to blogging and everything in between. There are even podcasts specifically for teachers!

I have recently discovered some amazing teacher podcasts that I know you will love! I mean, who wouldn't love free professional development that you can listen to anytime or anywhere?

So whether you are grading paper or driving to and from school be sure to check out some of these amazing teacher podcasts.

#1 Angela Watson's Truth For Teachers:

Angela Watson is one of my new found teaching inspirations. She is incredibly knowledgable and delivers her messages in a way that pushes you to be a better educator. This podcast contains a wealth of teaching tips from classroom management to how to efficiently use your time. It is very encouraging and motivational for educators.

One of my favorite episodes is Season 3 Episode 9:Responsible Rewards: Using the "now-that" principle. Be sure to check out this episode to learn more about how rewards can be be beneficial in the classroom. You can also check out my blog post How NOT to Reward Your Students to learn about some strategies for students reinforcement that are not effective.

#2 Teach 4 the Heart with Linda Kardamis:

Linda Kardamis strives to provide teachers with ideas and inspiration to overcome their teaching challenges. The message is mainly directed towards Christian educators, however the teaching tips are relevant for all educators. 

One of my favorite episodes is Episode 15: 9 Ways to Reduce Distractions and Disruptions During Planning Periods. I know that I can easily get distracted during my prep with checking e-mails or getting in conversations with co-workers. These 9 tips can be very helpful to keep in mind when trying to get the most out of your prep period.

#3 The Cult of Pedagogy with Jennifer Gonzalez

While Jennifer Gonzalez's target audience is secondary educators, there are nuggets of wisdom in there for elementary teachers as well. The topics range from classroom management to answering questions about the latest trends in education. Due to the wide variety of topics I would recommend sorting through the episodes to find the content that most interests you. 

One of my favorite episodes is Episode 40: How to Stop Yelling at Your Students. This is an episode that I resonated with as I reflected back on my experience as a first year  elementary teacher. Fortunately, since then I have gained more effective tools in my "teacher toolbox."

Hopefully, you will try out one or more of these podcasts, and let me know what you think in the comments section!

If you enjoyed this list you may also want to check out Non-Teacher Podcasts Teachers Should Listen To.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful. To stay connected with Carly and Adam's teaching tips and classroom freebies be sure to follow us on FacebookPinterestTeachers Pay Teachers, and subscribe to our blog!  
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