The First 5 Things to Do with Your New TpT Store (In Order)

The First 5 Things to Do with Your New TpT Store (In Order)

Starting a TpT store can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start is key to success. These 5 tips will help you ignore the noise, and get going quickly!

1. Upgrade to Premium.
Do this first no matter what. This is the one universal truth that all TpT Sellers agree on. I've not found one person who regrets doing this.

For the Premium Seller Account, the main advantage is your commission rate, 55% (free) vs. 80% (Premium). Even with just a few paid resources, you will quickly recover the cost of premium membership. 

There is a second reason to upgrade to premium and that is motivation. I know you are a teacher and $59.95 is not cheap. However, having some skin in the game will help motivate you to create resources quicker to pay for the membership. 

2. Figure out how to upload a resource. Avoid everything else.
The seller account is a bit different than the buyer account. It can be tempting to look around at all of the links and blogs out there. Fight the urge to look at every blog, every seller's forum article, and different dashboard features, and just figure out how to upload a resource.

Uploading a resource will make you feel better than any of the other things you can be doing with your time.

If you spend time looking at other people's shops, you will quickly feel defeated and overwhelmed. I know this from experience. 

3. List your first FREE Resource and first Paid Resource.
I want to be honest with you. Your first 2 resources will not be perfect. They might not even be good. You will know that and feel insecure and wonder "How can I ask people to pay me money for this?" That's normal. 

Just make 2 resources and list them. You can improve them at any time in the future. A wise person once told me "Done is better than perfect." Get it done.

4. Make a list of 10 Resource Ideas.
Now it's time to game plan. You've made 2 resources. What's next? Take some time to make a list of 10 other resources to create. (Note: You probably won't make all of these.) You may have some of your favorite lessons from your own classroom that you want to tweak to make for TpT. 

It will actually serve you well to list 10 resource ideas once or twice a week. It will help flex your ideation muscle and make you more creative. 

5. Make a plan. Work that plan.
Start making a plan of when you will upload your next resources. I recommend setting up a goal of 1 new resource a week.

Find time to work your plan. About 2-4 hours a week will give you a successful shop and produce a good income quickly. Pick a morning or evening or weekend time and get to work.

Follow these 5 simples steps and you will quickly be on your way to success.

Start a TpT store today.*


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