Water Filter Earth Day STEM: The Water Princess Read Aloud STEM Activity

Water Filter Earth Day STEM: The Water Princess Read Aloud STEM Activity


Integrate Real-World STEM in your classroom and engage kids in a real world problem.

Learn about Water Filtration with this Earth Day STEM Activity! Students learn about the water crisis affecting nearly 1 billion people around the world and explore how water filters and other solutions can help.

Connect to a Read Aloud: The Water Princess

This STEM Project is a companion activity to The Water Princess by Susan Verde. The book explores the reality of how people walk for water every day.

Take students through the STEM Process!

Students observe different ways to filter water. They test different types of filters to see which ones work best.

Integrate Writing!

An opinion writing activity is included as a follow up for students to write about which materials they think work best for filtering water.

Amazing resource for STEM club, STEM teachers, elementary librarians, parents who love hands-on learning, and elementary teachers who want to create a hands-on educational environment in their classroom!


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Note from Carly and Adam on this STEM Challenge:

This activity engages students by connecting them to kids of another culture, and educating them on a current world crisis. While many STEM activities are designed with 'fun' in mind, this one requires a certain level of seriousness. It is created with elementary students in mind, and we believe we can inspire them through this.

We do not earn money on this resource. We donate 100% to Ryan's Well. We also donate for any bundle purchased that features this resource.

Material List:

  • Scissors

  • Clear Cups

  • Water

  • Dirt

  • Various Filter Ideas: Coffee Filter, Paper Towels, Dryer sheets, Toilet Paper, etc.

  • The Water Princess by Susan Verde (Recommended)


  • Teacher Instructions

  • Student STEM Journal

  • Student Instructions

  • Student Water Filter STEM Activity

  • Student Reflection Sheet

  • Writing Activity

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