Earth Day Recycling STEM Bundle

Earth Day Recycling STEM Bundle

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Earth Day Recycling STEM Activities Bundle!

Engage students on Earth Day with these Recycling Earth Day STEM Activities! This bundle includes 5 STEM Challenges: Build a Birdhouse, Design a Game, Engineer a Bird Feeder, Make a Planter, and Create a Toy.

Students collect and build projects from various recyclables. They must use money to budget how much of each item to purchase before designing and building their projects. (We included an easier and more difficult money/budgeting worksheet for each Earth Day STEM Activity).

A letter to parents is included to help facilitate the collection of recyclables.

The STEM Process

Each activity helps students develop critical thinking and engineering skills. Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed each activity, there is time for reflection on what worked and what didn't.

Aligns with NGSS(Next Gen Science Standards) and Common Core.

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Included in EACH Earth Day STEM Activity:

  • Teacher Instructions

  • Student STEM Journal

  • Student Instructions

  • Student Planning Pages

  • Student Reflection Sheet

  • Recycling Bin Posters

  • 2 Recycling Budget Options (With and without Decimals)

  • Common Core Standards

  • NGSS Standards

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