Groundhog Day STEM Activity with Light and Shadows Investigation

Groundhog Day STEM Activity with Light and Shadows Investigation


Teach Students About Groundhog Day in a Hands-on Way with STEM!

Engage students in a Groundhog Day exploration where they investigate how groundhogs see their shadows. Students learn about how light is an energy source and how it interacts with opaque objects, transparent objects, and translucent objects.

This activity helps students develop critical thinking skills as well as cooperative learning. Students hypothesize, test, and reflect on their own ideas.

Aligns with NGSS(Next Gen Science Standards).

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  • Teacher Instructions

  • Student Instructions

  • STEM Journal

  • Student Investigation Pages

  • Student Reflection Sheet

  • Writing Activity

  • NGSS Standards for activity

Material List:

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Styrofoam Cups

  • Flashlight

What Teachers are saying about Groundhog Day Activity!

"Great lesson to add to your 1st grade Light Energy unit!" - Kristen P.

"My kindergarteners had so much fun with this project. They played with the little groundhogs and the flashlights for many days during our structured play time. Thanks!" - Nicole B.

"My after school students absolutely loved this activity! They worked very hard and enjoyed every minute of their learning with this activity." - Jessica S.

"A wonderful product that could be use anytime of the year, not just for Groundhog's Day. The vocabulary was wonderful and my students loved making the groundhogs to test their predictions with."

"So cute! I will be using this with my students for the rest of the week leading up to and including Ground Hog day. Great STEM tool packed with lots of information and opportunities for students to explore and extend their thinking." - Wendy C.

"Interesting activity for groundhog day. my grade 1-3 students really enjoyed it."

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