Gratitude Tower Mindfulness STEM Activity

Gratitude Tower Mindfulness STEM Activity


Teach Mindfulness in with Gratitude Tower STEM Challenge!

Students learn the importance of thankfulness with the Gratitude Tower STEM project! In this Mindfulness STEM Challenge, students write out what they are thankful for on index cards and build a tower with their thankfulness cards.

The more things they are thankful for, the bigger the tower. This is an excellent STEM Challenge to teach kids about thankfulness around Thanksgiving!

Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed their activity, there is time for reflection on what worked and what didn't.

Aligns with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and Common Core.


-Teacher Instructions (with photos)

-Student Instructions

-STEM Journal

-Planning Pages

-Thankfulness Journal and Worksheet

-NGSS Standards

-Common Core Standards

Material List:

-Markers, Crayons, or colored pencils

-Index Cards


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