Dog Sled Winter STEM Activity

Dog Sled Winter STEM Activity


Build a Dog Sled Winter STEM Challenge!

Students love completing this winter STEM challenge! Students learn about the history of dog sled racing by reading about the great serum race to Nome, Alaska in 1925.

After learning about the history of dog sled racing students design, build, and test a dog sled using only the materials provided. The dog sled will be tested based on two variables (speed and being able to carry the most cargo). This is a fun and engaging activity for students to work on during a novel study of Stone Fox!

This activity helps students develop critical thinking and engineering skills. Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed their activity, there is time for reflection on what worked and what didn't.

Aligns with NGSS(Next Gen Science Standards).

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Material List:

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Tape

  • Straws

  • Scissors

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Pom poms


  • Teacher Instructions

  • Student Instructions

  • Student Planning Pages

  • Student Reflection Sheet

  • Reading Passage and Questions

  • NGSS Standards

What teachers are saying about this winter stem project!

"This was one of the best storybook STEM projects I've done with my third graders. We used it after reading Stone Fox. There weren't any materials I had to buy outside of what was on my shelves already and the kids loved the twist of earning points for the WIN and for the CARGO. I let them improve their sleds for a second round the next day, and we had so much fun with this 3-day event." - Alyson S.

"We used this for third grade after reading Balto. It worked great!"

"This is just what I needed for my Stone Fox unit. Great way for students to show his or her creativity!" - Connie W.

"Absolutely the best STEM we have done all year. Great tie in to our Iditarod study as well as a great connection to our NGSS standards." - Julie B.

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