Build a Penguin Raft Winter STEM Challenge

Build a Penguin Raft Winter STEM Challenge


Students love completing this Winter STEM challenge! Students receive a letter from the STEM penguin stating that they will need to build a raft for penguins to help them travel in the water.

Penguin raft is an excellent winter activity for students to work on during the winter months! It's an amazing addition to any penguin unit or arctic animals unit.

This activity helps students develop critical thinking and engineering skills. Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed their activity, there is time for reflection on what worked and what didn't.

Aligns with NGSS(Next Generation Science Standards).

Material List:

  • Straws

  • Masking Tape

  • Scissors

  • Bucket or Bowl of Water (for testing)

  • Pennies or Washers or Nuts (for weight)


  • Teacher Instructions for Build a Penguin Raft

  • STEM Journal

  • Student Instructions for Build a Penguin Raft

  • Student Planning Pages

  • Student Reflection Sheet

  • NGSS Standards

What Teachers are saying about the Build a Penguin Raft Winter STEM Resource:

"My first graders loved this activity! I paired it with the book Tacky the Penguin, and created literacy resources to go with it. We spent the whole morning engaged in this activity!"

"This went well paired with reading Mr. Popper's Penguins. Kids really enjoyed it!" - Jenelle R.

"My Firsties absolutely loved this activity!!! I loved the journal and the questions in it. Your activity lended itself to lots of conversations between students and students and myself and students. I can't wait to try more!"

"My kids LOVED this activity. I was surprised at how challenging it was for 4th graders. They kept trying to figure out how to add more weight. The planning and reflections sheets really added to the project. " - Rebecca D.

"We used this product over a period of 3 days. My second graders loved it! They built the rafts today and all floated until we began to add weight. So much fun, thank you!!" - Carolyn B.

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